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GoGo Dent FRESH and DUO dental flossers play an essential role in any intelligent oral care regimen. These high quality, portable, and easy to use flossers support good oral hygiene by helping to remove food particles and bacteria between teeth, before they develop into plaque and ultimately tartar. Excessive plaque and tartar build up along the gum lines can cause gingivitis, bleeding gums, and bad breath. Daily flossing after every meal with GoGo Dent dental flossers will help reduce these ris


GoGo Dent FRESH mint flavored flossers slide easily between teeth, and the high quality floss resists shredding or breaking. GoGo Dent FRESH flossers will bend without breaking, allowing you to easily floss back teeth. A tongue cleaner helps prevent bad breath, and the protected toothpick allows you to safely carry the product in your pocket, and folds away easily for use. The added texturing on the toothpick provides for extra cleaning similar to an interdental brush.

GoGo Dent DUO mint flavored flossers provide all the benefits of the GoGo Dent FRESH flosser, while adding 2 parallel lines of floss for even deeper cleaning. Food particles become trapped and very easily removed. GoGo Dent DUO flossers help support healthier teeth and gums.

GoGo Dent ICE MINT breath drops eliminate bad breath, instantly. Just squeeze 1-2 drops of our unique, concentrated formula onto your tongue, for long lasting fresh breath after eating, drinking, or smoking.

The cool peppermint flavor comes in a discreet, convenient packaging, which is ideal for pocket or purse. There is no more need for bulky sprays in your pant pocket, or unsightly chewing gum in your mouth, during important meetings. Attend your next Rendez-Vous, personal or professional, with confidence, and GoGo Dent ICE MINT breath drops.